Shi Lang, the New Power of Chinese Military


Military Power of China no longer be considered one eye. It happened after President Hu Jintao the country to test its mother ship the first since August 10. Aircraft carrier named Shi Lang’s official inaugural voyage. The move may attract the attention of the world related to the increase of military capabilities and public shows of force in the region surrounding the panda.

Earlier, Beijing said it has been juggling a ship owned by the former Soviet Union became the first mother ship. To curb speculation and shrink capability, Beijing said that the carrier will only be used for training and research.

Sailing also takes place amid heightened tensions linked several maritime territorial dispute involving China. Especially, in the South China Sea are believed to be rich in oil and natural resources, and claimed some countries.

No detailed explanation about the cruise lines. China’s Defense Ministry said only that the shipping carrier will only be brief. Furthermore, Shi Lang will return to the Port of Dalian to undergo further tests and comes again.

Head of Kanwa Information Center, Andrei Chang, told Agence France-Presse said that the cruise was conducted to determine whether the machine works fine ship. Kanwa monitor China’s military is an institution. “The trial will continue to be done within one to two years ahead,” he said.

During this time the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA (AB) China is very secretive defense program. However, PLA is the largest military force in the world and supported a very large defense budget following the country’s soaring economic growth.

Earlier this year, China declared that military spending will rise 12.7 percent to 601.1 billion yuan (approximately Rp661, 2 trillion) in 2011. In January, China’s military is developing stealth aircraft revealed first. Also, developing anti-ballistic missiles are even able to penetrate the defenses of naval vessels (AL) USA is the strongest.

Growth of China’s military expansion is very fast to the attention of neighboring countries. Last week Japan worried over the development of Chinese naval threat. However, Beijing has tried many times to relieve such concerns.

Xinhua news agency said, quoting Chinese military officials, have asserted that the carrier will not carry a threat to other countries.

“Building a strong navy along with the increasing status of China is an important step and the right choice for our country to protect the national interest,” explained the official.

“Even if China built an aircraft carrier with the ability of qualified war in the future, it will not pose a threat to any country,” he continued.


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